Week of 11/15/10:

Make sure you stop in this week for unbelievable discounts - it's at one-time event and you need to see it!

Yellow price sticker items - $1.00
Orange - $2.00
Green - $3.00
Pink - $4.00

ALL Jeans - $15.00

Dresses - 50% off

$9.99 and under table!

Animal print handbags - $15.00
Other handbags - 30% off

Men's items - 30% (including new merchandise)


Winners for our open house today is....(drum roll please).......Congratulations to everyone!

1:00 Winner ~ Geri Monaghan

3:00 Winner ~  Christen Engels

5:00 Winner ~ Cindy Hayes

7:00 Winner ~ Susan Meyers

9:00 GRAND PRIZE WINNER ~ Judy Zirkle

9:00 Miche Drawing Winner ~ Cheryl Bryan

9:00 Winner of discounted (75% off) house cleaning service ~ Alli (no last name provided)

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